Chromium is the most important of all trace elements for diabetics. It prompts the body to produce insulin itself. If you are a diabetic or have a problem with your blood sugar, or if you are overweight, you should definitely get familiar with chromium. We have collected a few quotes fom you from experts.

However, it is also recommended that you coordinate with a naturopath prior to starting to take chromium supplement, thus reviewing your diet and also what may be the cause of your blood sugar problem.

Here comes a collection of quotes from health specialists not just for diabetics:

Chromium against diabetes

"Both magnesium deficiency and chromium deficiency play a major role in the development of celiac disease and diabetes. About 90% of Canadians and Americans do not consume even the minimal daily 50 micrograms of chromium. From this, it is clear that people with celiac disease suffer from chromium deficiency. Chromium deficiency is associated with hyperglycemia, insulin resistance, type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, pregnancy-related diabetes and corticosteroid-induced diabetes. "

James Braly MD and Ron Hoggan MA: Dangerous Grains:

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Chromium picolinate is easily absorbed

"Industrial chrome is completely different from chrome in food. It is poisonous. Diabetics who receive chromium under medical supervision often need to adjust their insulin dose as their blood glucose levels drop. Many studies detail the benefits of chromium, used as chromium picolinate, as it is easily absorbed. Chromium nicotinate and amino acid forms are more difficult to absorb than chromium picolinate but each of them contains appropriate minerals. The least absorbable form of chromium chloride is found in some cheap multivitamins. "

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"Chromium deficiency can play a major role in the development of diabetes during pregnancy"

"If there is enough chromium in the body then much less insulin is needed. It has been shown in experimental animals and in diabetic patients that parenteral nutrition was needed for chromium deficiency. Chromium deficiency is a common illness for diabetics. It destroys GTF functions (GTF - General transcription factor: Transcription factors are proteins involved in the process of converting, or transcribing, DNA into RNA), which also reduces the glucose uptake efficiency of cells. Chromium deficiency can play a major role in the development of diabetes during pregnancy. High insulin levels increase chromium secretion. "

Nicola Reavley: New Encyclopedia of Vitamins, Minerals, Nutrition Supplements and Herbs

"Chromium deficiency plays a role in the development of diabetes or heart disease"

"The results of a number of studies suggest that chromium deficiency plays a role in the development of diabetes and heart disease. For example: diabetes. In one study, 180 type two diabetic patients received 100 mcg of elemental chromium, 500 mcg of elemental chromium or placebo. Four months later, who had lower doses of chromium, significantly decreased insulin levels, indicating that the condition of the patient had improved. Those who received higher doses of chromium had also significantly reduced cholesterol level. "

Frederic Vagnini, MD, and Barry Fox, Ph.D .: The Brief on Side Effects:

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"As we grow older, less and less chromium remains in our body"

"There are very small amounts of organic chromium in the blood. This small amount provides a lot of help for insulin and glucose metabolism. In fact, without chromium, insulin does not know what to do. So it protects against diabetes or helps you get the least amount of insulin your body needs. As we age, less and less chromium remains in our body. In fact, the fetus also "steals" chromium from his or her mother because the baby needs it too. "

Velma J. Keith and Monteen Gordon: How The Herbs Work:

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For those who consume too much carbohydrate and sugar!

"Chromium is a trace element that is good for people with diabetics, too much iron, and those who consume too much carbohydrate and sugar. Chromium is needed for stable blood sugar. Chromium helps to treat diabetes and hypoglycemia. The lack of it leads to glucose intolerance (especially in diabetic patients). Low chromium levels have been associated with diabetes and coronary heart disease. "

Dr. David W. Tanton; Ph.D .: Drug-free treatment, health care,

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Recommended for diabetics: "Chromium picolinate supplements improve insulin functions"

"Symptoms of chromium deficiency (increased glucose, insulin, cholesterol and triglyceride levels) are very similar to pre-diabetes. This does not mean, of course, that chrome alone will reverse this process, but it is apparent from studies that chromium or chromium picolinate supplements improve Insulin functions and glucose tolerance. According to the research, the most effective dose is 1000mcg or 500 micrograms twice daily with meals. "Jack Challem: Stop Pre-Diabetes Now: A Perfect Plan to Reduce and Prevent Diabetes

"Protect The Health Of Your Heart"

"worth to buy chromium supplements because it protects the heart. Anyone with diabetes or low blood sugar should start taking chromium supplements. The fact that chromium makes insulin more susceptible to cells is already proven on type 2 diabetes. Often, those who are type 2 diabetics are chromium-deficient. "Mark Stengler, N.D .: Natural treatments by a physician

"Blood glucose decreased by an average of 6.6%"

"Glucose is responsible for many complications such as diabetes. The effects of chromium are inestimable, 180 type 2 diabetic patients were divided into 3 groups, one 200 mcg chromium, another 1000 mcg chromium, and the third group received placebo. After four months, both chromium-treated patients had improvement, glucose decreased by an average of 6.6% and 7.5-8% in the higher dose group. "Life Extension Editors: Prevention and Treatment of Diseases

"Chromium is indispensable for normal sugar metabolism."

"Chromium occurs in three different ways in nature. An average adult body has is 0.4 to 6 mg chromium while older people generally have lower amount. Geographic differences are also present on chromium levels, as well as population studies suggest that diabetes and heart disease mainly occur in areas where the chromium level is relatively low. Chromium is essential for normal sugar metabolism. "Nicola Reavley: The New Encyclopedia of Vitamins, Minerals, Nutrition Supplements and Herbs

"Chromium deficiency leads to type 2 diabetes"

"Chromium deficiency seems to lead to type 2 diabetes. Those with type 2 diabetes lose a higher proportion of chromium through their urine, especially for more than 2 years of diabetes. "Gabriel Cousens: There Is Cure for Diabetes: The 21-Day Program on Life Tree

"No other dietary changes have taken place and this alone led to improvement"

In double-blind studies, only chromium supplements were added, other dietary changes did not take place and this alone also led to improvement. Sugar hinders chromium in the body. After the chromium has an effect on the insulin, it is emptied in the urine. To process the high sugar content, chromium is required in proportion to processing sugar. Those who have a high chance of developing diabetes require more chromium. Newborns have the largest chromium store in tissues. "Robert Redfern: Serrapeptase, a miracle enzyme

"After eight weeks, blood glucose and insulin levels decreased"

" In a study, diabetes developed during pregnancy was supplemented with 4mg of chromium per kg body weight per day, and after eight weeks blood sugar and insulin levels decreased compared to those taking placebo. Dosage: niacin-bound chromium, better than chromium picolinate. A recent study by the University of California found that chromium picolinate was much better than chromium chloride. "Gabriel Cousens: There is cure for diabetes: The 21-Day Program of Life Tree

"Chromium helps break down all refined foods"

"For diabetes, for example,chromium helps to break down all of the refined foods and it will eventually lead to a chromium deficiency, and at the end here is no chromium to break them down. The long-term result is, in any case, chromium deficiency. So if you eat refined foods, you use chromium to break down the sugar. "Gabriel Cousens: There is cure for diabetes: 21-day program of life-life

Chrome picolinate is better absorbed!

"Some research suggests that chromium polynicotinate is better absorbed than other Chromium varieties (Polynicotinate indicates that chromium is bound to vitamin B3, also known as nicotinic acid). Meanwhile, research has shown that chromium picolinate helps prevent weight gain. Other forms of chromium such as chromium glycine chelate may also be good. Regardless of the specific form, research shows that you can fight against diabetes with 500 micrograms of chromium twice a day. "Jack Challem: Stop Pre-diabetes Now: A Perfect Plan to Reduce and Prevent

Diabetes and Overweight

"Chromium deficiency can be reversed, If we make up for it, and even we can lose weight. Chromium deficiency may be due to the fact that many Americans suffer from diabetes, hypoglycaemia and even overweight. Evidence also proves that in United States people are suffering from chromium deficiency. Although the RDA does not say anything, 200 micrograms per day may be sufficient for optimal sugar control. "Michael T. Murray, ND: The Natural Curative Studybook. Release 2

"It prevents type 2 diabetes"

"Recent studies have shown that chromium prevents Type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance. The function of the chromium increases the activity of the insulin, thus reducing the blood sugar level. In one study, Richard Anderson Ph.D., UDSA Human Nutrition Research Center (Chinese researchers at Beijing Hospital) has tested the effects of chromium in the early stages of type 2 adult diabetes. "Earl Mindell, Ph.D., Ph.D. Earl Mindell's Secret Treatments

Good for Treatment of Diabetics

"Reports show that amongst those rats which received chromium-free diet, the first signs of type 2 diabetes have been observed. Cranberry leaves have a particularly high chromium content, 9.0 ppm. One component of chromium is the so-called glucose tolerance factor that is suitable for the treatment of diabetes. Further research is needed to determine whether the chromium-containing dried leaf is responsible for anti-diabetic activity. "This is why it is important for diabetics .Josef A. Brinckmann and Michael P. Lindenmaier: Plant Medicines and Herbs Practical Guide on a Scientific Basis of

1,000 mcg Of Chromium Supplement for Diabetics

"During some studies, no adequate chromium supplements were used. In these studies, fewer than 200 micrograms of chromium supplements have been added to the diabetic patients which is not sufficient for them, especially when administered in an inappropriate form and difficult to absorb. Many doctors recommend 1000mcg chromium for diabetics. Chromium addition enhances the positive effects of diabetic drugs. "Alan R. Gaby, M.D., Jonathan V. Wright, M.D., Forrest Batz, Pharm.D. Rick Chester, RPH, N.D., DipLAc. George Constantine, R.Ph., Ph.D., Linnea D. Thompson, Pharm.D., N.D.:National Pharmacy: Natural Cures From A to Z

Heart disease, blood sugar disorder

"Refined oils do not contain chromium. Raw sugar contains 83% more chromium than white refined products! Not only that they do not contain enough chromium but they even take away the little you were born with. And our sophisticated diet not only takes away chromium from us, but it literally steals our health: we can witness the tragic rise in heart disease and blood sugar disorders since WW II.

"About 90% of the population does not get enough chromium during their lifetimes"

"About 90% of the population does not get enough chromium during their lifetime (From food sources, Most chromium is contained in broccoli, brewer's yeast and mussels). The high sugar content of our diet continues to deteriorate, which increases chromium excretion in the body. Many researchers think chromium deficiency may be the cause of diabetes. Here's another reason to take chromium picolinate: it will help you live longer. "Earl Mindell, R.Ph., Ph.D .: Earl Mindell's Supplementary Biography