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27 Nov 10 natural solutions for high blood pressure
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There is no magic solution against high blood pressure. Even pharmacy drugs prescribed by doctors are not the ones. I meet regularly patients who take 4-6 different antihypertensives on a daily basis ..
27 Nov The most important trace element for diabetics
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Chromium is the most important of all trace elements for diabetics. It prompts the body to produce insulin itself. If you are a diabetic or have a problem with your blood sugar, or if you are overweig..
14 Oct The role of vitamin E in our body
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Vitamin E (or tocopherol) is an antioxidant, fat-soluble vitamin that protects against the harmful effects of free radicals. Especially protects the cell membranes, contributing to the inhibition of a..
14 Oct Herbs against toxins: 5 herbs that help you cleanse your body
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Toxins can be found almost everywhere, ranging from inhaled air to the meals we eat every day. It is almost impossible to avoid toxins in our environment but we can strengthen our body from inside and..
23 Sep Heart-friendly margarine?
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Margarine was originally produced as a cheap substitute for butter. In 1869, a French chemist discovered it after III. Napoleon offered a prize for someone who could come up with a butter substitute t..
15 Sep Spiritual freshness at old age
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The decline in brain activity associated with aging is well-observ ed but not natural. In some "primitive" tribes, there is no declining spiritual freshness, memory loss, and they are even free from t..
10 Sep Crepe de proteínas sin carbohidratos
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Dos ingredientes, una receta, cero carbohidratos !!!! ... porque Pancake es para todos!Tener una dieta, mal momento, enfermedad celíaca, diabetes, paleo-dieta o simplemente dieta libre de carbohidrato..
10 Sep Brownies de proteína de 4 ingredientes
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¿Qué pasa si te dijéramos que estos brownies de chocolate son saludables, deliciosos y solo requieren cuatro ingredientes?Simplemente combine plátano, mantequilla de maní, cacao crudo y proteína en po..
06 Sep The Key in disease prevention - vitamin D
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An article of The Reuters - 23 August 2010, says more than 200 points had been found in human genome where vitamin D has a direct impact on. It took decades of work to draw the full map of the human g..
02 Sep 9 Risk Factors For Osteoporosis And Celiac Disease
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It has been recognized for several decades that both children and adults with celiac disease have a significantly increased frequency of osteoporosis and increased risk of fractures as compared to the..
02 Sep 15 tips against exhaustion
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Most people from Western civilization feel tired and stressful without knowing the real cause. We are thinking of nostalgia the everyday life and problems existed a hundred years ago, and the remote l..
01 Sep Deficiencia de sal (hiponatremia) - Síntomas comunes
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Después de un duro entrenamiento, muchos de nosotros cometer el error de beber un galón de agua fría a la vez para ayudar a nuestra sed. Sin embargo, debido a la alta sudoración, la ingesta de agua po..
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